NewSchools Venture Fund
is a national nonprofit venture philanthropy working to reimagine public education

Investing in Education Entrepreneurs

We raise philanthropy from donors and use it to find, fund and support education entrepreneurs who are transforming public education so that all children – especially those in underserved communities – have the opportunity to succeed.

Reimagining Learning: A Big Bet on the Future of American Education

What if everyone acted on a shared vision to create more innovative school models?  “Reimagining Learning” describes work already underway by practitioners, partners and friends, and lays out a bold plan for the future.  Together, we can accelerate the momentum to create innovative schools that prepare every student to achieve their greatest aspirations.

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Investment Areas

Our investment strategy is designed to accelerate the pace and quality of education innovation so that more schools prepare our students for academic, career and life success.

Our Impact Since 1998

Since our founding, we have invested $250 million in over 150 education entrepreneurs. Our investments were instrumental in the creation of over 171,000 seats in 442 charter schools, the preparation of thousands of qualified teachers, and the development of ed tech products that serve over 60 million students and their teachers.